Regulatory Information Management Systems Conference

January 14-15, 2020 | Alexandria, VA

Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria

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Aligning Regulatory Data and Information through Enhanced Integration & Utilization of Regulatory Information Management Systems which Support the Highest Levels of Data Integrity and Seamlessly Support Global Regulatory Documentation throughout the Product Lifecycle

Executives and users who interact with Regulatory Information Management Systems (RIMS) are tasked with fully and efficiently utilizing those systems to maintain regulatory compliance and regulatory data integrity company-wide. With the recent, rapid evolution in the capability of RIMS, combined with frequent shifts in the surrounding regulatory context, regulatory information management has become a distinct field with its own expanding set of challenges and potential applications. Life science companies are bringing RIM systems into processes to assist with a range of uses, from product registration and licensing to the tracking of regulatory commitments and correspondence.

The 2020 Regulatory Information Management Systems Conference will look to bring industry leaders together to gain insights into the tools and methods that can streamline and optimize the management of regulatory data, while sharing resourceful use cases for RIMS in various contexts. The conference will equip RIM professionals with a roadmap to navigate this burgeoning field while taking full advantage of the opportunities that this technology provides, combining diverse strategies for selecting, customizing, and validating RIMS as a valuable tool in establishing industry standards and best practices.

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