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Enhancing Product Portfolio Management Operations through the Employment of Comprehensive Data Mining and Analytical Operations, Engaging in thorough Risk Management Assessments and Defining the Value of Current Pipeline Products

In a constantly evolving health care environment, planning and maintaining a strategic pharmaceutical portfolio has become a vital consideration for leadership. Pharmaceutical portfolio executives are tasked with evaluating current projects in order to prioritize and allocate the necessary resources to successfully complete product development and ensure timeline adherence. Tactical portfolio management requires executives to adequately measure value by sourcing and analyzing relevant data, account for marketability of portfolio, and potential risks all while simultaneously aligning the portfolio with the overall corporate strategy. In addition to ensuring a balanced and cohesive portfolio, management teams also must remain up to date on industry mergers that will effect price erosion, scientific advances that will impact product variation, and updates to regulatory requirements that will effect timelines and resources of products.

Through a two day interactive conference, pharmaceutical portfolio management executives will have the opportunity to obtain peer to peer experience in best practices for portfolio strategy, industry recommendations for efficient project tracking and frameworks to calculate value to foster evidence based decision making. Delegates will have the chance to personalize learning objectives through a tracked curriculum, idea share with peers through facilitated board room discussions and receive insight into innovative strategies for the future of portfolio management from industry leaders.


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