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9th Annual

Food Labeling: Evolving Regulatory Compliance Conference

February 23-24, 2022 | Virtual Event

Ensure Compliance with Evolving FDA & USDA Requirements, Monitor Consumer Trends & Employ a Scientific Approach to Label Claims

Program Overview

Discuss evolving regulatory requirements including the USDA’s BE Disclosure rule and its specific challenges, exempted ingredients and USDA enforcement action. Sessions address how you get detailed information from suppliers in time for the implementation date, maintain awareness of industry litigation and put your work scope in more of a legal perspective. Discuss risk of claims, substantiating claims and best practices to protect your company against litigation.

The dynamic Q1 Productions virtual platform fosters a sense of collaboration. Thoughtfully designed networking features connect you with your peers beyond the capabilities of a Zoom meeting. Customize your experience and address your unique concerns during live Q&A after each session. Our commitment to industry perspectives keeps the program focused on what matters and dynamic session formats to increase interactivity and strategy-building.

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“I have enjoyed listening to the stories and lessons that the speaker learned and were willing to share with the participants. I have been thankful for the opportunity to be involved.”

Jovanie Gonzalez, Regulatory Compliance Associate, Blue Pacific Flavors

Distinguished Presenters Include:

Mika Manninen
CEO, Founder, & Chairman of the Board

Martin Slayne
VP, Global Regulatory Affairs

Noreen Hobayan
Director of Quality Assurance &
Regulatory Affairs

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“Q1 productions are truly some of my favorite conferences to attend. Thank you for getting me up to speed for the discussion.” “I certainly plan on attending more Q1 Productions events! All the best!”

Tillie Radebaugh, Regulatory Manager, Sensient Flavors, Inc.

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