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Driving Value & New Revenue Streams through Engaging Customers in Field Service Opportunities, going beyond Maintenance and Repairs to Differentiate Products throughout the Lifecycle, Adding Value through Proactive Just-in-Time Service Execution

As the medical device industry continues to face pressure in a highly competitive and cost-constrained marketplace where driving value and differentiation is increasingly challenging, the inclusion of added-value services is providing an avenue for additional revenue and customer engagement, creating distinction within the marketplace. This shift towards a combined product and service model is meeting the dynamic changes occurring within hospitals and healthcare facilities, where the shift towards value-driven pricing and reimbursement has increased the importance of obtaining the greatest value from products and purchases while securing the lowest cost For executives responsible for executing client facing service this transition is creating a tremendous knock-on effect, dramatically increasing both the volume of service being requested, but also the foundational value of service in driving return on investment.

Creating a seamless service model within the medical device industry requires a proactive approach towards forecasting customer requirements throughout the product lifecycle, from initial training to legacy product service and repair which consistently exceeds expectations. Forward thinking corporations are integrating automated field service technologies and solutions to streamline service delivery and enhance the customer experience, while at the same time harmonizing field service across all divisions in the organization, decreasing repair timelines and demonstrating cost reduction. In conjunction with providing optimal service, working in a highly regulated marketplace requires thoughtful preparation and alignment with regulatory frameworks, from FDA guidance on reporting of product complaints and subsequent corrective action, as well as patient data privacy protection, and complexity of digitized networks which continues to evolve on a global scale.


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