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Raising the Profile of Executive Leadership Support through Enlightened Approaches to Time & Schedule Management, Prioritization of Meetings & Projects, to Achieve a Balanced Relationship Based on Mutual Respect and Aligned Strategic Goals


Over the course of the past twenty years, the role of the executive assistant has transformed, with today’s executive assistants playing a strategic role across businesses, managing time and access to the top echelon of corporate leadership around the world. Use of new technology for scheduling, time-management and communication has revolutionized businesses, and has also impacted executive support staff responsible for coordinating executives that are constantly on the move, and who are increasingly operating on an international scale. While technological innovation has increased the ability to rapidly communicate and to conduct meetings across time zones, the same technology has created for many an environment where there is an expectation to be continually accessible.

The Q1 Executive Leadership Support Forum will provide executive assistants representing leading organization an educational opportunity for learning and knowledge share with peers from throughout the Indianapolis metro area. Presentations, led by executive assistants will provide an inside look at the methods and strategies utilized by successful assistants that have struck the delicate balance of professionalism and prioritization. Topics will cover a wide range of challenges faced by leadership support with an ultimate goal of increasing the productivity and profile of executive leadership support staff.


The Executive Support Forum in Atlanta was super, fantastic!! Wow, what a great time of team bonding, sharing, and networking. Today, I am returning to work revived and confident, with a new sense of direction. The executives I support will greatly benefit from all of the valuable information I received.” – Administrative Assistant, GE Power

All presentations were amazing! I learned many valuable tools from each speaker that I am taking away with me. Motivational, energetic and informative!” – Executive Assistant, ACCELERON PHARMA

Felt this was one of the best conferences I’ve attended.”- Senior Executive Assistant, GE HEALTHCARE

Networking with peers, excellent educational content, and women empowering women!”- Executive Assistant, FORTUNE 500 COMPANY

This was such a great experience.”- Executive Assistant, U.S CELLULAR

Please do this in Chicago again next year—I’d like to bring my coworkers.” – Executive Assistant, AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION

Thank you…everyone at Q1 Productions for such a fun and informative event. I enjoyed meeting fabulous peers and look forward to continued contact with them! It was also a pleasure and honor to conduct a workshop and participate on the panel. I hope the attendees felt it was time well spent. It was for me.
Executive Assistant, BLOOMREACH


Eric Jahnke | Marketing Manager | Q1 Productions
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