Operational Cybersecurity & Information Security for Financial Institutions Conference

June 12-13, 2019 | New York, NY
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“I thought the conference was excellent!  Having a conference tailored to one discipline made each panel and contact relevant.”

Director, Compliance & Legal Affairs

“Great insight to hear payer perspective in contracting and account management and the changing healthcare landscape.”

Channel Liaison

“It was definitely an excellent well-rounded opportunity to meet new people, get new ideas, and get an in-depth education on what’s to come with the FDA collaborations.”

Quality Engineer
Centurion Medical Products

“It was very well organized event and high quality, the fact to have an IVD track was also interesting. Thanks, I will recommend the Q1 event!”

Regulatory Affairs – EMEA Regional Head

“The organization and support staff were fantastic! I’m looking forward to next year.”

Global Business Project Lead

About the Conference:

Financial firms must be able to influence the latest tools, technologies and procedures to proactively identify and eliminate threats. They are taking steps like patching and updating systems, frequently backing up data, and strengthening real-time defenses to tackle different types of attacks. Tracked sessions focusing on cyber, information and data security will highlight advanced security governance and procedures, stakeholder alignment, data quality and information sharing, the latest regulatory developments to drive compliance, and cyber risk mitigation and resilience strategies. The Q1 Operational Cybersecurity & Information Security for Financial Institutions Conference will provide security and risk professionals with practical methods and tools to bolster cyber risk management, data privacy, and information security compliance.

Core Topics to be Addressed:

  • Fortify the enterprise against evolving cyber threats to prevent operational setbacks
  • Trailblazing regulatory developments plus state and federal regulatory compliance directives
  • Effective cybersecurity third party risk management through due diligence and oversight
  • Adoption of new technologies and overhauling legacy infrastructure to mitigate cyber risk
  • People, process, and technology challenges of proactive security and cost of failure
  • Executing insider threat programs for refined threat intelligence across the enterprise
  • Present to senior leadership and gain buy-in from the Board on pressing security initiatives
  • New privacy addendum and its implications in the updated NIST cybersecurity framework
  • Regulatory harmonization for optimal security compliance across multiple jurisdictions
  • Standardize data collection for increased data privacy intelligence and information sharing
  • Data minimization, quality and storage to eliminate litigation and privacy risk challenges
  • Implement cybersecurity procedures and systems in a practical and enforceable fashion
  • Limit exposure from cyber threats, streamline cybersecurity controls, and reporting criteria
  • Enriched incident response management, recovery strategies, and continuity planning
  • Bridge the diversity gap in cybersecurity through culture and talent shortages


75 Attendees

All attendees come directly from a medical device companies

Distinguished Presenters

Speaker recruitment in process


Networking time is built into the agenda to allow industry peers to connect and exchange ideas

Open Dialogue and Group Share

Each presentation is followed by 10-15 minutes of open dialogue for questions and exchange of best practices

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