3rd Annual Dietary Supplement Regulatory Strategy Conference

December 3-4, 2018 | Arlington, VA

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In a rapidly evolving market, poised for continued market growth, dietary supplement manufacturers face increasing regulatory scrutiny, for not only substantiating claims and label formulation, but also regarding the ultimate safety and purity of the products being developed and sold. With a focus on bringing a wide range of stakeholders from the dietary supplement industry, the Q1 Dietary Supplement Regulatory Strategy conference will gather experts with deep experience and knowledge, together with industry association leadership and regulatory authorities including the FDA, USDA and FTC to discuss and debate the promising future of this dynamic industry. Presentations will delve into label claims substantiation and marketing, as well as manufacturing quality and regulatory considerations, providing a balanced and robust approach to the many regulatory challenges faced by dietary supplement manufacturers.

Throughout the meeting, interaction with regulators and industry experts will provide an unrivaled opportunity for not only lecture and education, but also learning and knowledge share with peers as questions are posed and answered, sharing perspectives and best practices of a wide range of manufacturers, regulators and industry thought leaders. Building on the success of the Dietary Supplements: Regulatory Strategy conferences hosted during 2016 and 2017, this annual event will continue to provide best-in-class education for executives looking to foster the growth and development of the dietary supplement industry.



  • Impact of USDA National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law (BE) on dietary supplement labels
  • Considerations related to BE labeling and the movement towards natural claims for supplements
  • Practical steps for compliance with BE label requirements to meet USDA regulatory deadlines
  • Increasing supplier transparency to ensure accuracy in BE disclosure and labeling for products
  • Current enforcement of California’s Proposition 65 in dietary supplement industry: Metal content
  • Product adulteration considerations, testing of ingredients & components to ensure purity
  • Utilization of programs such as the American Botanical Council’s True ID for supplement products
  • FSMA / FSVP Auditing requirements, expectations and current trends for dietary supplement firms
  • Navigating dietary supplement regulatory action in South America, Europe and Asia
  • Best practices in claims substantiation and ensuring claims have scientific validity
  • FTC concerns surrounding supplement claims in traditional and social media channels
  • Clarity surrounding the use of social media influencers and defining claims from influencers
  • Consumer demands surrounding certification, free-from claims and supplier validation
  • Raw material validation: Setting and maintaining standards for supplement industry suppliers
  • Considerations surrounding the definition of CBD as a dietary supplement and substantiating claims
  • Federal and state regulatory action surrounding CBD and the ongoing debate and evolution


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