Semi-Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Development Conference

October 1 - 2, 2020 | San Diego, CA

December 10 - 11, 2020 | Charlotte, NC


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Development & Execution of Innovative & Engaging Sales Training & Education Platforms that Elevate Skills to Meet the Rising Demand of a Value-Based Selling Environment through the Leverage of Resources, Technology & Tools which Support Training while Analyzing Metrics to Drive Forward Return on Investment
Executives from the medical device and diagnostic industries that will find this meeting of greatest application are those involved in the strategic development and tactical execution of adult-education training programs for internal commercial sales executives. Tracked presentations will provide a unique opportunity to customize the on-the-day experience, offering a selection of high level panel discussions; insightful case study presentations and hands-on skills training designed to improve sales training delivery. As the original provider of Device & Diagnostic Sales Training & Development, Q1 builds upon over a decade of market research with industry leaders to deliver on high-value training and industry networking.


The Q1 Productions Semi-Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Development Conferences will be co-located in 2020 with the Semi-Annual Medical Device Clinical Training and Education Conferences in San Diego and Charlotte.

Contact:Aaron Vandyke

Aaron Van Dyke, Operations Director, Life Science
Q1 Productions
+1 (312) 955-0825

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