OCTOBER 23-24, 2017 | CHICAGO, IL


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Establishing Product Management’s Impact on the Bottom-Line through Aligned Upstream & Downstream Activities and Execution That Incorporates End-User Feedback and the Continuous Evolution of the Healthcare Environment

Across the medical device industry, the role of a product manager has far-reaching responsibilities within a given organization. Accountability from a product’s conceptualization through the end of its lifecycle presents challenges that require a proactive approach to risk and lifecycle management. With this in mind, staying abreast to the needs and feedback of patients and clinicians is vital to the development and coverage of innovative device technologies, while keeping your product competitive in the market place.

The Q1 Productions 5th Annual Medical Device Product Management Conference will provide executives with an opportunity for open dialogue surrounding the need to create innovative, patient-centric technologies in a healthcare environment that continues to see changes. Product Managers and Developers from the Medical Device industry will have the opportunity to discuss key concerns while learning new strategies and best practices for improving internal processes. From the discussion of joint ventures between device manufacturers and the technology industry to the globalization of the medical device industry, the Medical Device Product Management Conference will foster an environment that is supportive of robust networking and discussion.


Eric Jahnke | Sr. Marketing Manager | Q1 Productions
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