2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Portfolio Strategy and Management Conference

May 13-14, 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel

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Project speed and predictability happen when project teams do the right work at the right time in the right way. But that’s where the problem lies. The project workplace is characterized by massive uncertainty, constant confusion, and conflicting priorities—in a word it’s chaos.

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Intelligencia applies predictive analytics on rich and expertly curated data to help pharma/biotech companies better understand and minimize the risk of drug development. Its core product uses AI techniques to estimate the probability of success (PTRS) of a particular drug in clinical development, provides insights on the main drivers behind that probability, and also compares the particular drug and its clinical trials to relevant competitive intelligence benchmarks.


At this time, there are a variety of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available for companies wishing to increase their visibility and participation in the program, ranging from keynote speaking opportunities through to exhibitor and documentation sponsors. Organizations most suitable for this type of exposure provide services and solutions including:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Strategy
  • M&A Specialists
  • R&D Strategy Specialists

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