Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Logistics, Policy & Systems Integration Conference

April 29-30, 2020 | Atlanta, GA
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Aligning Supply Chains with DSCSA Traceability & Serialization Requirements, Navigating Volatility in Trade Policy and Tariff Impact and Utilization of Technology to Streamline Logistics, Operations and Heighten Transparency Across the Pharmaceutical Industry

Increasing product complexity, an evolving regulatory environment and dynamic political changes are having a considerable impact on pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chains, which must continually adapt to emerging factors, and leverage new and existing technology to streamline and provide transparency into inventory and supply logistics. Forward thinking executives have embraced change as an opportunity to reinvent and reinvigorate supply chain operations and are utilizing innovative strategies and tools in order to meet increasing demands from internal as well as external stakeholders. From traceability and serialization requirements from FDA and international regulators, to the impact of trade policy on supply chains and the continued goal of supply chain transparency, executives in this field are preparing for an oncoming paradigm shift in standard practices.

The Q1 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Logistics, Policy & Systems Integration Conference will provide executives across a wide range of industry sectors, from genetic and cellular therapies to generic drug products and opportunity for open dialogue, collaboration and benchmarking against best industry practices in a selective and small-group format. Featuring numerous deep-dive case studies into strategies applied across organizations to increase transparency to the use of immersive technology disrupting current processes, the meeting will provide executives with an unrivaled opportunity for learning and knowledge share.

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