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Enhancing Patient Access and Support by Properly Navigating the Healthcare Exchange and Uncovering Enriched Quality Measures To Develop Strategic Access Avenues That Ensure Reachable Therapies While Positively Impacting Company Goals


The significant shift in healthcare coverage determinations, decision making and pay-for-performance continues to create therapeutic availability hurdles for patients and amplified access concerns for pharmaceutical companies, placing added pressure on patient access and support executives. In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, patient access and support is advancing into a complex venture as executives work diligently to retain patients and ensure that therapies are accessible while increasing the companies’ bottom line. Patient access & support professionals are a vital piece in the pharmaceutical business puzzle, incorporating strategy into patient programs and uncovering innovative access frontiers to ensure the organization remains relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The Q1 Productions Strategic Patient Access & Support Conference is a unique industry gathering for patient access and support executives across the pharmaceutical industry, providing an unrivaled opportunity to explore the evolving healthcare environment and share ideas and solutions to leverage strategic business outcomes. Industry presentations will delve deep into tactically shifting patient access programs in light of the healthcare exchange as well as embark upon core topics such as best practices for benchmarking and providing therapeutic evidence for evolving quality measures and navigating formulary placement. This interactive and engaging 2 day conference program will provide participants with extensive, indepth learning and knowledge share. Through case study driven presentations, high level sessions as well as roundtable panel discussions complemented by multiple networking opportunities, the program will foster a sense of collaboration. Building upon the many successful Q1 patient-centric events of the past several years, this conference promises to be an enlightening and valuable program for patient access and support executives.


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