Practical Solutions for Mitigating Cybersecurity Challenges in Connected Medical Devices

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With the rise of sophisticated technologies and software used in connected medical devices, manufacturers are now working vigorously to implement additional safeguards to minimize cybersecurity risks. Until recently, medical device companies haven’t planned a comprehensive security program that takes into account the security of the software for the duration of the lifecycle; however, the FDA has recently encouraged medical device manufacturers to collaborate with ethical hackers, those who uncover and rectify vulnerabilities and flaws, to assist in the development and ongoing management of devices which minimize security flaws. While there is no “one size fits all” solution to device cybersecurity, industry professionals will benefit from a greater understanding of common challenges associated with connected medical devices and solutions for fixing them. This presentation will focus on the following cybersecurity related areas:


  • The elements of a comprehensive security program
  • Overcoming the hidden costs of insecure legacy devices
  • Implementing effective vulnerability management
  • Information sharing beyond regulatory expectations











Jim Jacobson
Chief Product and Solution Security Officer
Siemens Healthineers

Jim Jacobson is the Chief Product and Solution Security Officer for Siemens Healthineers. Since 2012, he has been responsible for the global security program for the medical devices and associated IT systems, solutions and services that Siemens Healthineers develops, sells, maintains and supports.

Jim also sits on the Siemens Product and Solution Security Board responsible for governance and guidance for the security of the company’s products, solutions and services in all sectors including industrial, power, energy, renewables and mobility, in addition to healthcare. He leads the board’s work team responsible for the curriculum and training program in this area for Siemens employees worldwide. Prior to these roles, Jim has led medical device-related software development teams in ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics and informatics since 1990 at Siemens and other companies. Jim has a degree in physics from Oberlin College.