9th Annual Medical Communications and Dissemination of Scientific Information Conference

September 14-16, 2020 | Virtual Event Download AgendaRegister Now

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Streamlining Medical Communication Content and Publication Development through the Deployment of New Digital Tools, Increasing Stakeholder Engagement Processes and a Thorough Understanding of Lay Summary Creation

Healthcare industry professionals and patients are continually voicing the need for increased availability and transparency regarding product medical and scientific information which has concurrently place increased importance on the responsibilities of life science organizations’ medical communication and publication teams. The task of ensuring proper and compliant dissemination of product data has increasing become more complex as outreach avenues and expectations have risen, requiring medical communication executives to explore new methods to ensure messaging is openly available to all stakeholders. Building on conference knowledge share and successes of past years, the 2020 program will showcase industry experts in medical communications and publications, who as presenters will share experiences and knowledge that will be of great benefit to all attending delegates. Through detailed case study presentations and open forum panel discussions, this year’s presenters will address a wide range of issues from integration of digital capabilities into publication operations, engagement strategies for patients and external stakeholders through to compliance considerations for disease awareness communications. The 9th Annual Medical Communications and Dissemination of Scientific Information program will foster a sense of collaboration and promises to be a valuable program to those who are looking to streamline and enhance medical communication operations.

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