5th Annual Pharmaceutical and Biotech Medical Affairs Pre-Launch Strategies Conference

September 16-18, 2020 | Virtual Event
Building Awareness & Effectively Unveiling Product Value through Medical Affairs’ Strategic Alignment & Compliant Cross-Functional Collaboration with Corporate Departments, Focus on Real World Evidence to Support Scientific Narrative, & Optimized Publication Strategies to Reach Pre-Launch Excellence
As the pharmaceutical industry trends towards earlier and more frequent involvement of medical affairs teams in pre-launch activities, common standards and strategies to reach excellence are being redefined. Medical affairs professionals face evolving challenges in designing optimized blueprints for proactive engagement with internal corporate departments, as well as external stakeholders in order to successfully drive product value and awareness in relevant scientific community and payer healthcare networks. Forward-thinking executives embrace the opportunity to employ innovative strategies in cross-functional alignment and organizational tactics to enhance operational efficacy from Phase I through launch day. Furthermore, with the importance of crafting the most accurate scientific narrative, professionals aim to continuously define and ultimately ensure generation of real-world evidence in relation to the targeted market to shed light on product value in an enhanced manner.

The Q1 5th Annual Pharma & Biotech Medical Affairs Pre-Launch Strategies Conference will provide medical affairs executives across a wide range of therapeutic areas an opportunity for open dialogue, collaboration, and benchmarking against best industry practices in a selective and small-group format. Focusing on comparing perspectives and debating solutions to common areas of challenge, the program welcomes a comprehensive speaker faculty representing the industry as well as decisive stakeholders to address presentations and group discussions, ultimately maximizing value to participants.

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