8th Annual Medical Device Sterilization Conference

October 19-21, 2020 | Virtual Event
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Individual modules are available for $595.
The entire course may be accessed for $1,500.

Target Audience:
Sterilization Science
Sterility Assurance

Industries Represented:
Medical Device

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Addressing the Shift to Lower EO Concentration Levels & Methods to Optimize Validation Strategies, Opportunities to Migrate to E-Beam, X-Ray & Alternative Gas Modalities all while Remaining Abreast of Evolving Standards & Regulations

Given the persistent concern surrounding EO sterilization, medical device industry leaders are keen to explore optimization strategies for sterilizing products at lower EO concentrations alongside potential alternative gas and radiation modalities to ensure pace is kept with evolving industry standards. As x-ray, e-beam, and other low temperature gas technology is refined, guidance for smooth transition away from EO and gamma sterilization has become a top priority among device manufacturers across the industry.

This year’s Medical Device Sterilization program will virtually connect industry leaders in three half-day modules.

In addition to technical assessment and trajectory, notified body perspectives on EU MDR compliance and Europe’s position on EO, guidance regarding effective development of IFU’s, and the assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the sterilization sector remain of critical to industry leaders and will inform the core of the meeting’s focus.


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