16th Annual Medical Device Coverage and Reimbursement Conference

July 14-15, 2020 | Chicago, IL
Access Agenda

Aligning Reimbursement Strategy & Product Evidence with Public & Private Payer Requirements to Support the Transition from Volume to Value-Based Care in a Dynamic Environment Supporting the Market Access of New Technology Including Digital Health Applications and Medical Device Software

As medical device manufacturers face considerable pressures from nebulous payer evidence requirements to difficulties with product access in new markets, executives need to uphold patient’s access to medical products to deliver first-in-class service with uninterrupted access. While navigating products through coverage determinations, executives also must consider varied types and the presentation of evidentiary data to support high impact product outcomes, medical necessity, and health economic influence in order to garner support for both new and existing technologies. With the rise of new approaches, reimbursement leaders are working through market trends while lending insights into securing coverage and reimbursement for medical technologies throughout the spectrum of care in an uncertain and evolving environment.

Within the 16th iteration, the Medical Device Coverage & Reimbursement Conference will continue to bring together industry leaders to share insights into methods and tools behind receiving successful reimbursement, focusing on value-based care, implementing real-world evidence like patient-reported outcomes as supporting material, and key partnerships that will enable leaders to overcome claims and billing challenges. The conference will enable leaders to take away diverse perspectives and roadmaps towards successful growth within the medical device industry.

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