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13th Annual

Medical Device Strategic Pricing & Accounts Conference

April 2024 | New Orleans, LA

Value-Based Approaches to Foster Favorable Markets, Increase Business Resiliency, and Maintain Provider Relations Through Unpredictable Economic Trends

Program Overview

Over the past decade, medical device manufacturers, patients, health systems and other stakeholders have seen a shift in the way devices are being purchased, paid for and reimbursed, all to support the value-based care movement. As health systems look to integrate delivery networks and group purchasing organizations to ensure comprehensive pricing models, manufacturers must consider the impact a product will have on a longer care cycle for patients. With the added shift of the pandemic, other considerations surrounding virtual contracting etiquette, the rise of outpatient centers, and creative avenues to abide by compliance standards are at front of mind.

Foster a sense of collaboration and safely connect with peers and expert presenters at this intimately-sized program. Customize your experience and address your unique concerns during dynamic Q&A after each session. Our commitment to industry perspectives keeps the program focused on what matters and dynamic session types allow you to stay engaged.

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“The discussions regarding market consolidations was thought provoking and has initiated a new path of discovery moving forward.”

Jesse Roy, Global Pricing Analyst, WL Gore

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