10th Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Labeling Conference

November 11-12, 2020 | Minneapolis, MN
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Continuously Improving Labeling Strategies to Address Evolving Requirements including EU MDR, IVDR & EUDAMED, Optimizing Label Content Layout & Design Efficiencies, all while Enhancing Compliant Delivery of eLabeling Materials
As medical technology manufactures continue to gain clarity surrounding the impact of EU MDR & IVDR on current labeling methodologies, it is necessary to maintain active engagement with regulatory authorities to optimize labeling management. Medical device organizations must also assess the ongoing changes to international UDI rules in preparation for defined implementation while addressing difficulties with EUDAMED as well as the introduction of similar databases in further international markets. Through the enhancement of IFU content and the transition to electronic IFUs, professionals responsible for technical writing and graphic design are working to update the current processes while taking into consideration human factors and usability. In addition, improvements to symbology, language, and layout are among the primary concerns in the development of highly effective labels. Organizations are also exploring the efficacy of electronic labels as well as the acceptance and applicability of e-labels globally. Quality and compliance benchmarking is particularly helpful as manufacturers navigate partnerships for translation provider support as well as content management and master data management systems. The 10th edition of the flagship Medical Device & Diagnostic Labeling Conference once again provides a distinguished educational platform for professionals to gather and exchange with thought leaders, regulators, solution providers and peers, through enhanced networking, interactive learning formats and engaging discussions.

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