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10th Annual

Medical Device Clinical Affairs & Research Conference

November 2023 | Chicago, IL


Program Overview

The competitive pharmaceutical space calls for increased demand in getting new submissions quickly approved by regulatory agencies to ensure an expedited time to market for new products, placing enhanced pressures on the efficiency and quality of regulatory writing and submissions teams. As major international regulatory bodies continue to evolve and make great strides to standardize the format and content necessary for all approval dossiers, pharmaceutical organizations continue to explore how to best streamline writing operations for global, timely and complex submissions.

Foster a sense of collaboration and safely connect with peers and expert presenters at this intimately-sized program. Customize your experience and address your unique concerns during dynamic Q&A after each session. Our commitment to industry perspectives keeps the program focused on what matters and dynamic session types allow you to stay engaged.

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Experience the Quality First Difference.

Learn from Industry Leaders

An exclusive experience with professional thought leaders provides you with direct insight into current solutions.

Keep up with Industry Trends

Learn through dynamic panel discussions, case studies and real world evidence on current topics directly related to your industry.

Exchange Ideas & Network

We provide a platform for your team to ask questions with experienced industry experts. The key to building your knowledge and seeing things from another perspective.

Find Solutions that Work for You

Insight and interaction are at the ready for you and your team. Collaborate with your peers, utilizing their insight and experience to accommodate your common challenges.

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