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3rd Annual

Medical Device Software Engineering Conference

Ocober 2022 | Virtual Event

Clarify Regulatory Complexities On New Technology & Discuss Opportunities For Sustainable & Optimized Software Engineering Through Agile Methodologies

Program Overview

This event will offer you innovative perspectives regarding cloud computing, tele-health and algorithmic-based devices. Through dynamic presentations focused on lessons learned and areas for opportunity within the medical device industry, participants will share ideas and navigate solutions to today’s immediate challenges. Benchmark strategies to adapt to cutting-edge tech and testing solutions amid lagging regulatory frameworks. Discuss security implications for operating in data-rich cloud service environments and cover the application of agile methodologies to maximize practical and creative engineering potential.

Join with fellow engineers to share strategies to safely and efficiently arrive at the forefront of innovation. Come away with new perspectives and reference the program materials after the event to apply learnings within your own organization.

This is a two-day program with multiple breaks to maximize retention and engagement. Q1 Production’s advanced event platform offers the ultimate virtual experience. Thoughtfully designed, customizable, networking features foster a sense of collaboration, discussion, allowing attendees to make direct connections.

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“Very relevant content. Good speakers. I learned a lot.”

Emily Hart, Director of Software Development, Common Sensing

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