Life Science Manufacturing Automation Optimization Conference

September 24-25, 2019 | Charlotte, NC

Hilton Charlotte University Place

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Ensuring Robust, Uninterrupted and Compliant Product Supply Chains through Facility Retrofitting to Integrate Industry 4.0 Capabilities and Connected Software Systems, Embracing IoT, and the Utilization of Cutting Edge Instrumentation

Speed, safety and flexibility are top concerns right now for life sciences organizations, and manufacturing automation teams are exploring how to increase this productivity within their manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers are investigating predictive analytics with the employment of newer automation systems because the overall investment can be quite large and the implications of new instrumentation and the impact technology can have on a product’s quality is initially unknown. As the trend continues to highlight niche markets and as automation increases, manufacturing strategies are being developed to integrate and expand the enterprise; all while automation and manufacturing executives delve deeper into how to best integrate new instrumentation and software into facilities.

Building on conference knowledge share and successes from the annual MES conference series, the 2019 Life Sciences Manufacturing Automation Optimization program will showcase industry experts in manufacturing, automation, and technology, who as presenters will share experiences and knowledge that will be of great benefit to all attending delegates. Industry leaders will address a multitude of topics ranging from taking the risk based approaches to automation integration, increasing data reliability through process validation through to defining and implementing Industry 4.0. Through case study driven presentations, as well as interactive panel discussions complemented by multiple networking opportunities, the program will foster a sense of collaboration and promises to be a valuable program to those who are looking to streamline and enhance regulatory submission operations.

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