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Corporate discovery the way it should be.
At ProSearch, we want you to experience discovery the way we know it: simple, refined, and transparent. Instead of spending your resources managing a dense web of discovery activities you free up time, money, and people for high-level strategic planning and business goals.

In eDiscovery, information is only valuable if it’s reliable and on-point to your specific business legal needs. Anything less, and it’s simply clutter. At ProSearch, the value of our work is measured not in the amount of data we deliver, but in the ways we help clients manage and solve their eDiscovery issues. Working closely with our clients, we develop customized approaches to information processing and review that ensure documents are strategically relevant to meeting their business and legal needs.


CMG helps corporate legal departments and law firms implement more effective fee structures focused on value delivered, not just hours billed. We bring deep in-house counsel and management expertise, along with proprietary analytical tools and data, to help clients reduce inefficiency, increase predictability of costs and build a strong business case to show legal fees are effectively managed.


Concord’s built-in collaboration features enable teams across the globe to coordinate contract logistics in real time, while also providing an audit trail for all contract modifications and discussions. Supporting documentation such as questionnaires, pharmacology data, and drug master files can be uploaded and attached to contracts.

Reduce risk by using Concord’s internal validation workflow capabilities to require specific individuals or departments to approve agreements before your project moves forward.

Improve Vendor Relationships

Get notified when contracts are ready for renewal and start your negotiation process on time.

Concord’s cloud-based platform enables you to clarify contract terms in real time with clinical laboratory supply and medical device providers. You will have an audit trail for each procurement cycle.

Both you and your vendors can cut postage and administrative costs with minimal effort by using our contract lifecycle management solution.


Custom matter management software. Filevine allows you to establish an efficient, legal specific workflow that allows in-house teams to easily demonstrate a return on investment to the business. From team collaboration to contract management, Filevine helps to ensure your projects run efficiently from start to finish.


PERSUIT is reimagining the sourcing & management of external legal spend. Gone are the days of a frustratingly slow and manual RFP process. Today’s innovative legal departments are leveraging PERSUIT platform at a matter level to: drive healthy competition amongst panel firms, significantly reduce legal spend, and unlock data-driven insights.


Xakia is a legal operations software purpose built for corporate legal teams to receive and organize work, manage external legal costs, and demonstrate value. By collating all your legal work in one simple platform, Xakia will:

  • streamline your legal intake and triage
  • optimize your resource allocation
  • improve visibility of your team’s workload
  • alert you to upcoming deadlines

visualize your data in beautiful dashboards and automated reports for communication with your internal business clients


With more than 1,000 lawyers in 19 offices across the United States and Asia, Perkins Coie LLP represents great companies across a wide range of industries and stages of growth—from startups to FORTUNE 500 corporations. We provide a full array of corporate, litigation and intellectual property legal services offering innovative solutions to complex problems. Intense devotion to client service is a core part of the firm’s culture, and we believe that the pride it engenders is one of the key reasons why FORTUNE magazine has named us one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in the United States for the past fifteen years.


Everlaw blends modern design with cutting-edge technology to help corporations, law firms, and government entities solve the toughest problems in the legal industry. Our elegant, cloud-based ediscovery platform features drag-and-drop uploading, flexible productions, blink-speed search, automatic predictions based on machine learning, and robust real-time collaboration so legal practitioners can focus on what they do best. Everlaw’s users include 8 of the top 10 class action firms and attorneys general in all 50 states. Learn more at http://www.everlaw.com.


ContractWorks Contract Management Software allows companies to control their contracts by providing them with a centralized location for signing, storing, alerting, and reporting on corporate documents. ContractWorks focuses on affordability and usability and is perfect for organizations struggling with complicated systems or seeking to move away from manually managing contracts.


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