Food Label Claims: Mitigating Legal & Regulatory Risks Conference

September 10-11, 2019 | Chicago, IL
Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop
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Strengthening Product Label Claims through the Development of Comprehensive Evidentiary Support, Increasing Consumer Awareness Regarding Ambiguous Claims and Understanding Customer Expectations

As consumer preferences continue to align closely with healthy values and niche dietary standards, executives within the food industry are challenged with understand the nuances of trending label claims, regulatory requirements behind popular claims, and the level of risk and reward that comes with highlighting certain benefits on food packaging. Positioning products to emphasize health attributes and structure functioning claims, works to appeal to consumer interests and castes a wide reach across the customer landscape to increase overall brand ROI. A lack of consistency regarding the level of support necessary to substantiate both commonly used and niche claims along with discrepancies amongst global industry leaders about interpretations of certain claims focused regulations, challenges manufacturers to provide transparent and accurate information to the consumer. Food manufacturers must consider the legal and regulatory implications involved from popular label claims, identify evidential support to back up these claims, and ensure consumer understanding.

The inaugural 2019 Food Label Claims: Mitigating Legal & Regulatory Risks Conference will showcase experts in the food manufacturing industry specific within labeling claims, who as presenters will share experiences and knowledge that will be of great benefit to all attending delegates. Through detailed case study presentations and open conference panel discussions, presenters will address a wide range of issues from the bioengineering disclosures’ impact on non-GMO claims, collaboration between legal, marketing & regulatory teams, and strategies to increase consumer education. The Food Label Claims Conference will foster a sense of collaboration and promises to be a valuable program to those who are looking to understand regulatory risk and reward behind food label claims and define obscure trending claims.

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