APRIL 14-15, 2016 | CHICAGO, IL
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Taking Food and Beverage Innovation to a Higher Level through Improving Product Development Practices, Mitigating Risks and Ultimately Addressing Ever-Changing Consumer Demands throughout the Food Supply from Supplier to Manufacturer to Table


Food and beverage companies throughout the industry must continually re-invent products in order to remain fresh, retain market share, and maintain a presence in consumer shopping baskets. Increasingly, consumers are stepping up demands on the foods purchased by asking for clean labels, transparency from manufacturers as well as great taste and the highest quality and safety.  In addition, consumers are relying less on branded products and loyalty, are shopping in non-traditional channels for food and often purchase based on immediate gratification and price. As such, traditional products need reinvention, and new products must be finely developed, strategically placed and marketed in order to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies that companies can apply in order to develop such innovative products and retain market share; from playing on consumer desires for healthier food choices, organic options, elimination of allergens in foods, as well as the increasing trend and reliance on semi-prepared foods. The sky is the limit for executives within food & beverage companies looking to innovate and recreate products, and this conference program will provide executives with a unique opportunity for insights into what other companies are doing, as well as a very relevant educational opportunity.


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