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Ultimate Assistant Training was founded in 2011 by Bonnie Low-Kramen who is the former 25-year Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis. A respected international speaker and trainer, Bonnie is passionately committed to leading the global movement towards a stronger, more respectful and profitable workplace. Her way is through focusing on empowering assistants who are the right arms to their executives and the backbones of companies. Ultimate Assistant Training is dedicated to educating assistants how to be strategic business partners and leaders which changes the workplace (and the world) for the better. In 2015, she was named Educator of the Year. www.betheultimateassistant.com


RedCape is the global leader in engaging Microsoft, Google and Apple productivity training for the world’s busiest superhero assistants and their teams. By providing practical, engaging and relevant best practices and guidance, assistants get more done in one day, reduce late hours at the office, and boost their confidence in their skills so that they can produce professional results in less time. RedCape was founded by former assistant turned Microsoft Certified Trainer, Vickie Sokol Evans who has nearly 20 years’ experience teaching productivity software for Mac and PC users and a background in comedy. She’s the author of the 100 Tips series, which includes three spiral-bound guides and six Kindle books. www.redcapeco.com

The Madison School of Etiquette

The Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol offers seminars for children and adults in social and business etiquette as well as international protocol. Gail Madison, founder and director, has an absolute passion for communicating this information to all age groups. We teach critical skills and knowledge to train people for a better life both personally and professionally. To be competitive in business today, one must know various aspects of international protocol because not understanding cultural differences can hinder performance. The mission of The Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol is to provide individuals, corporations and universities with the finest and most current business etiquette and protocol information in a professional manner thereby promoting integrity and civility. www.etiquetteconsult.com


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