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Elevating Package Design of Medical Devices by Incorporating End User Feedback, Robust Testing Methods and Use of Innovative Materials to Reduce Cost, Ensure Safety and Surpass FDA and International Regulatory Expectations

As medical devices have become increasingly complex, the intricacies of creating advanced packaging has progressed to ensure the continued safety and effectiveness of medical products. As such, medical device companies must consider a plethora of factors when designing and developing packaging, including human factors, sterility assurance, material characteristics and overall cost. Gathering as an industry provides packaging engineers an opportunity to hear innovative solutions for tackling the ongoing challenge of balancing cost and quality in packaging design and testing.

The 6th and 7th Semi-Annual Medical Device Packaging Conferences will offer packaging engineers a comprehensive and interactive program through a series of case studies, panels and group discussions facilitated by industry, regulatory and end-user perspectives. Topics of greatest concern for medical device packaging teams will be addressed, including FDA’s expectations for documentation and audit preparation, hospital personnel insights on medical device storage, interpretations of ISO 11607 and effective distribution testing methods. Additionally, based on previous attendee feedback, the 2017 programs will feature a Materials Round-Up where participants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and materials available to advance medical device packaging. These sessions along with a workshop of nurses simulating the handling of medical devices in a hospital environment will provide attendees with an invaluable experience.


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