12th Annual Medical Device Clinical Training and Education Conference

February 26-27, 2019 | Charlotte, NC

Sheraton Charlotte Hotel

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Designing & Executing Innovative, Engaging HCP Training which Incorporates Adaptive Adult Learning Methodologies & Technology to Increase Retention while Providing Measurable Return on Investment which Evaluates Competency, Skills & Proficiency through Value-Driven Metrics

In the dynamic field of clinical training and education, professionals are working on enhancing skills and product awareness through training targeting towards ensuring healthcare professionals are using products safely. In today’s healthcare environment, doctors and hospitals are being financially incentivized to improve quality, and part of the value of cutting edge medical technologies, new innovative surgical equipment and techniques is the opportunity to improve patient care. With new approaches on the rise, trainers must ensure physicians are constantly learning about new tools, techniques, and technologies in order to ensure proper utilization of all medical devices, whether that be with older or newer technology.

Continuing to build on the success of our Annual Medical Device Clinical Training and Education Conferences, this program’s twelfth annual iteration will continue to provide an unrivaled opportunity for networking, education and knowledge share in an environment which is continually evolving, and in a market place which is highly competitive. Designed for medical device and diagnostic companies alike, this two-day executive level meeting will provide participants with extensive, in-depth learning and knowledge share highlighting a range of topics including enhancing the training approach, cross cultural training strategies, collaborating with internal teams, and identifying budget constraints within the market.


The Q1 Productions 12th Annual Medical Device Clinical Training and Education Conference will be co-located in 2019 with the 12th Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Development Conference in Charlotte, NC.


Eric Jahnke | Sr. Marketing Manager | Q1 Productions
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