4th Annual Pharmaceutical Strategic Pricing Conference

September 17-18, 2019 | Philadelphia, PA
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“I thought the conference was excellent!  Having a conference tailored to one discipline made each panel and contact relevant.”

Director, Compliance & Legal Affairs

“Great insight to hear payer perspective in contracting and account management and the changing healthcare landscape.”

Channel Liaison

“It was definitely an excellent well-rounded opportunity to meet new people, get new ideas, and get an in-depth education on what’s to come with the FDA collaborations.”

Quality Engineer
Centurion Medical Products

“It was very well organized event and high quality, the fact to have an IVD track was also interesting. Thanks, I will recommend the Q1 event!”

Regulatory Affairs – EMEA Regional Head

“The organization and support staff were fantastic! I’m looking forward to next year.”

Global Business Project Lead

About the Conference:

Pharmaceutical pricing and contracting professionals are tasked with developing strategic pricing models for both new and existing drug therapies in an evolving healthcare market where related regulations are forecasted on the horizon. With a focus on success stories and real-time implementation success, executives will gain valuable knowledge from expert-led presentations, round-table and panel discussions, and peer-to-peer exchange groups. As with all Q1 conference programs, bringing together varied stakeholders, including industry manufacturers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM), wholesalers and payers, to share perspectives will ensure a well-rounded approach to the content of the meeting, ensuring engaging dialogue and networking opportunities throughout.

Core Topics to be Addressed:

  • Adequate pricing strategy development in evolving healthcare environment
  • Payer and PBM perspective on evolving healthcare market
  • Strategies and best practices for value based pricing and contracting
  • Real-world evidence integration into pricing models
  • Status update on “American Patients First”/HHS Blueprint
  • Drug pricing transparency legislation (including state laws) and litigation
  • Update on 340B Program and effect on manufacturers
  • Negotiating and managing rebate contracts with payers
  • Practical discussion on price protection agreements
  • Internal shifts in legal and compliance to handle price reporting obligations
  • Launch pricing of specialty pharma in the current healthcare arena
  • Forecasting price transparency regulations impact on future commercialization


75 Attendees

All attendees come directly from pharmaceutical companies

Distinguished Presenters

Speaker recruitment in process


Networking time is built into the agenda to allow industry peers to connect and exchange ideas

Open Dialogue and Group Share

Each presentation is followed by 10-15 minutes of open dialogue for questions and exchange of best practices

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