Food Label Claims: Intersection of Marketing, Legal & Regulatory Conference

June 2019 | Chicago, IL
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“I thought the conference was excellent!  Having a conference tailored to one discipline made each panel and contact relevant.”

Director, Compliance & Legal Affairs

“Great insight to hear payer perspective in contracting and account management and the changing healthcare landscape.”

Channel Liaison

“It was definitely an excellent well-rounded opportunity to meet new people, get new ideas, and get an in-depth education on what’s to come with the FDA collaborations.”

Quality Engineer
Centurion Medical Products

“It was very well organized event and high quality, the fact to have an IVD track was also interesting. Thanks, I will recommend the Q1 event!”

Regulatory Affairs – EMEA Regional Head

“The organization and support staff were fantastic! I’m looking forward to next year.”

Global Business Project Lead

About the Conference:

Manufacturers of Food & Beverages are continuously looking to update product labeling and packaging to incorporate consumer trends, which have currently included a focus on natural, healthy and locally sourced or manufactured products. At the same time, litigation surrounding these claims has increased substantially, drawing the attention of legal, compliance and marketing groups who must all consider the balance of claims as well as robust substantiation. Blending perspectives to define and mitigate risks surrounding food product labels will ultimately ensure a balanced and cohesive approach.

Program Highlights:

  • Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives including:
    • Food Manufacturers
    • Legal Interpretation
    • Federal Trade Commission
  • Deep Dive Breakout Sessions Focused on:
    • Natural
    • Healthy
    • Free-From
    • Local
    • Micro
    • Craft
  • Balance of Regulatory, Marketing & Legal


75 Attendees

All attendees come directly from food manufacturing companies

Distinguished Presenters

Speaker recruitment in process


Networking time is built into the agenda to allow industry peers to connect and exchange ideas

Open Dialogue and Group Share

Each presentation is followed by 10-15 minutes of open dialogue for questions and exchange of best practices

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