Sponsor Q1 Production’s 5th Annual Food Labeling: Evolving Regulatory Compliance Conference January 29-30, 2018 | Arlington, VA

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Recently implemented FDA and USDA label regulations have created an uncertain environment for manufactures across the United States. While attempting to balance statements and claims, mitigate legal risks, and produce transparent food labels these changing regulations have created a sense of unpredictability for those manufacturing food products. More specifically, newly pending FDA regulatory requirements surrounding Nutrition Facts labels have presented a tremendous and taxing change resulting in some manufactures to redesign and reprint their labels. With an indeterminate date being placed on these changes however, there is another portion of manufacturers are electing to wait on redesigning their labels until the regulations are set in stone. The result of this divide means that consumers are seeing food products labeled with differing labels on the same shelf.

Forward thinking food and beverage manufactures are taking into account not only consumer preferences but also considering new claims (natural, wholesome, organic) which carry risks from due to varied consumer interpretations and a lack of official certification. Q1’s Food Labeling: Evolving Regulatory Compliance conference will provide it’s participants with an unrivaled opportunity to learn from industry stakeholders, regulatory officials, and academic researchers. Those in attendance will include executives working within packaged food and beverage corporations. At this time, there are a variety of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available for companies wishing to increase their visibility and participation at this meeting. Participation options range from keynote speaking opportunities to exhibitor and documentation sponsors. Q1 strives to meet and exceed expectations of all client partners, and we work to an unparalleled degree within the industry to ensure sponsor clients are satisfied with their investments made in conference program sponsorship. We are looking for organizations ready to explore these impactful positions, if that is you please reach out to our Sponsorship coordinator Danielle Draves at ddraves@q1productions.com for more details. If you are interested but have a colleague who you would like to share this event with please forward them onto our contact form and Danielle will be in touch.