7th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference

April 3-4, 2017 | Philadelphia, PA Download AgendaRegister Now

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Refining a Pharmaceutical Company’s Sales Training Program Based on the Evolving Healthcare Environment while Leveraging Innovative Technologies for a Holistic And Engaging Training Curriculum that Ensures Implementation and Measurable Outcomes

As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, so too has the role of the sales representative. One of the greatest challenges facing sales trainers today is the development of training curriculum that encompasses the changing implications of the healthcare system. Fostering a strong proficiency in reimbursement, managed care and market access creates a value-added sales rep that can converse with physicians and healthcare networks in a credible and engaging manner. Sales trainers in the pharmaceutical industry must be mindful of these concerns while facing increasing budget constraints for sales training programs. An additional challenge that will be addressed and discussed at the conference includes capturing data that validates the effectiveness of a sales training program while also proving return on investment to the pharmaceutical organization. The ability to truly measure the outcomes of sales training efforts can aid trainers in improving sales rep knowledge retention and engagement within virtual training.

Through a well-rounded curriculum of interactive workshops, small group discussions and thought-provoking case studies, sales trainers will explore solutions that can be readily implemented within a pharmaceutical company. Innovative sales training ideas will not only be presented by pharmaceutical industry veterans, but also shared by outside industry perspectives and training coaches with ample experience in developing engaging and impactful training programs. In its 7th installment, the Q1 Productions Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference will provide attendees with actionable knowledge and successful examples for training sales representatives in an ever-changing healthcare environment.


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