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Innovatum is a regulated labeling software and consulting services company; a prolific innovator in its industry, tightly focused on the life sciences for more than 23 years.  Innovatum provides fully configurable and validatable labeling software solutions and validation assistance to automate and optimize all aspects of the labeling life cycle.  Available as a companion product to Innovatum’s ROBAR Labeling or as a stand-alone product, ROBAR MDM/COM provides a master data management solution for labeling as well as an extensible regulatory data management & submission solution through the use of a life sciences specific, fully configurable database.  Innovatum has championed many of the most significant innovations in the industry and to date, many of these innovations are still not available across the product lines which are available from their competitors.  The company has many of the world’s largest life sciences companies trusting their technology and services to accurately and efficiently label billions of dollars’ worth of life sciences products for shipment around the globe every year.  Innovatum’s proven solutions frequently replace the solutions which had been licensed from their competitors yet Innovatum’s solutions have never been replaced by a competitor’s solution.



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