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Ensuring Compliant Handling and Protection of Data, both Patient & Corporate, through Risk-Based Approaches to 3rd Party Assessments, Strong Internal Controls & Proactive Prevention of Breaches through Vulnerability Testing & Incident Response Management

Corporations large and small face the increasingly difficult task of securing internal networks against threats and vulnerabilities, both from external and internal sources, a challenge which is of considerable concern to life science information security executives, responsible for the safety and privacy of both patient as well as corporate data. New patient data privacy regulations enacted in Europe are of particular concern as corporations look to work and collaborate with research facilities and patients in the development of the next generation of medical products. With data being shared across networks, through big data cloud applications and across continents, the ability to secure information is of paramount importance.

From vetting third party partners, from software and security measures to contract research organizations, information security executives within the life sciences industry are facing a time of considerable change and threat. Taking a risk based approach to securing networks against threats; from the creation of strong internal controls to guide staff, to the regular conduct of penetration testing and incident response programming, executives must develop a responsive and agile team. Unlike traditional information security conferences, this educational platform will focus on the specific needs of life science companies, providing a unique opportunity for two engaging days of education and knowledge share at an industry peer level.


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