Healthcare as we know it is changing. From hospital management firms to health maintenance organizations, the economic system used to treat patients is transforming, and continued education is more important than ever for those involved.  

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Improving Quality and Delivering Value Across the Oncology Continuum of Care, Strengthening Revenue and Reimbursement Rates while Lowering Costs, Aligning Physicians and Enhancing the Overall Patient Experience
APRIL 10-11, 2017 | CHICAGO, IL

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Navigating the Changes in Healthcare and Reimbursement

The long anticipated vote on the AHCA passed the house today (May 4, 2017). This is the first step the GOP has been waiting for to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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The Future of Healthcare

In recent years, a renewed focus on the patient has sparked many changes in the healthcare industry. Beyond treatment development, many companies have begun modifying business plans to incorporate the patient earlier, and more comprehensively than ever before. This early patient involvement is enabling the development of more successful disease treatment.

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Low Cost Oncology Transition

In recent years, providers have added a renewed focus on the patient experience and overall care costs, in hopes to reduce the latter while improving the former. To successfully achieve this balance, service providers must balance patient needs, care abilities, and financial limitations.

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Key Differences and Similarities between the ACA and AHCA

The GOP’s Health Care Plan to Replace Obamacare

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2016 Election

The Health Care Industry is Worried About the Election What This Year's Election Means for Health Care: Video Attached The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election has been hard to watch at times. The two candidates have opposite views for many things, and health care is no...
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