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• Number of clients that would sponsor another Q1 meeting (budget permitting): 95%

• Average return on investment dollars spent to business generated: 1:10

• Percentage of clients that indicated they would revise their annual calendar of events to accommodate a Q1 program: 100%

• Percentage of clients that indicated the Q1 model was effective when compared to other meetings or tradeshows: 100%

• 100% of our sponsors agreed that the educational element of the meeting, (specifically understanding the challenges faced by the delegation) was a significant benefit in positioning their product and service to the contacts developed.

• 100% of our sponsors agreed that an extremely high number of contacts were developed when compared to other meetings or conferences they have invested in.

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Event Services


Meeting planning and event services are available for both new and existing clients of Q1 that are seeking a cost-effective partner that truly understands the nuances of meeting planning within the life sciences industry. Having grown our meeting planning business via word-of-mouth, and based on the continuously positive experiences of thousands of conference attendees, this segment of our business is constantly expanding and offers a wide variety of services to our client partners. Internal meeting planners have expertise in handling all aspects of meeting planning for groups of up to 200 senior level executives, with every detail attended to, while maintaining a far lower cost than traditional meeting planners. The key to the success of this unit is our deep knowledge of the industries served, and an appreciation for the most important aspect of any meeting: content delivery.

Services provided include the full range of meeting and even planning needs, including:

  • Site identification, selection & proposal management
  • Negotiation and contracting with event sites
  • Tailored event schedules to minimize cost and maximize impact
  • Transparent budgeting of event costs
  • Complete hotel meeting planning & hotel-related services
  • Off-site activity proposal and planning, destination management
  • On-site event management from set-up and registration to bill reconciliation
  • Post-event reporting and follow up

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Recognizing the importance of training sales representatives on new and existing therapies in an engaging environment that enables adult learning is a key foundation of each sales training meeting that Q1 productions helps to facilitate. From focusing on the health and economic benefits of new products, helping differentiate existing products in a crowded marketplace to focusing on enhanced selling strategies, Q1 will ensure that sales trainers and sales executives can focus all of their attention on the training at hand, leaving the details of event organization and execution to Q1 experts. Through focusing on core competencies of training and education, teams working with Q1 realize greater return on investment for their meetings and are ultimately left with a smooth running, seamlessly executed program.

What sets Q1 apart from other coordinators is our:

  • Focus on and understanding of adult learning techniques
  • Appreciation of the importance of time to sales executives
  • Ability to maximize program agendas and minimize downtime
  • Understanding of the importance of technology & blended learning

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As clinical education experts work throughout the world, training healthcare professionals on the intended, appropriate, and safe use of new and existing products and technologies, a strong meeting planning component needs to be in place in order to ensure the training is executed smoothly and effectively. The delicate nature of the relationship between industry and healthcare professional must also be balanced and taken into account at all times, which is why having a partner who understands these challenges is of the utmost importance. Q1 productions is uniquely positioned within the industry as a third party organizer, who can assist with a wide range of aspects within clinical education programs, so that the focus of trainers and educators can remain focused on the procedure, rather than on event logistics.

What sets Q1 apart from other coordinators is our:

  • Understanding of the relationship between industry & HCP
  • Comprehensive medical product knowledge
  • Experience working with healthcare professionals directly
  • Knowledge related to aggregate spend & reporting regulations

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Working with and monitoring investigators throughout the world is a tremendous challenge for clinical and medical affairs executives, who are often tasked with the additional of investigator meetings to bring together those physicians working on a study to discuss study protocol and procedure. From venue selection and contracting to on-the-day execution of the program, Q1 can be a qualified partner in making every investigator meeting a success. Whether organizing a single meeting or a world-wide road show of smaller regional meetings, Q1 has in-depth knowledge of clinical research procedures, strategies for working with investigators in order to ensure training is effective, as well as the event management background needed to make each program a success.

What sets Q1 apart from other coordinators is our:

  • Knowledge of clinical research protocols and procedures
  • Strong product knowledge across the healthcare industry
  • Comprehensive background knowledge on compliance issues
  • Ability to leverage worldwide venue contacts

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