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Innovations in Bridging the Gap with HTAs & Payers to Define Expectations & Develop Impactful Value Dossiers, Clarifying Expedited Access Pathways in Key European Markets & Unveiling Developments in HTA Harmonization Efforts

As medical device and diagnostic manufacturers continue to develop life-saving products for patients around the globe, obtaining reimbursement from European markets, one of the largest and most sophisticated markets in the world, remains a primary priority for all corporations. With evolving political environments and health expenditure policies, in addition to differing health economic evidence requirements and routes to market access in member states, reimbursement executives are continually integrating new methodologies for exhibiting the value and importance of new and existing technologies in order to secure coverage. Networks such as EUnetHTA and medtech trade associations have analyzed industry hurdles and are progressively working towards a more harmonized approach to reimbursement claims throughout the Union, as well as establishing proactive communication platforms enabling direct feedback from HTA reviewers and payer boards in the effort of expediting and streamlining coverage approvals.

The 8th edition of the Q1 European Device & Diagnostic Reimbursement & Market Access Conference will once more shed light on strategies to overcome ongoing challenges, as well as new and promising developments aiming to facilitate access to markets and medical technology reimbursement at a satisfactory price. Various session formats including practical workshops, panel discussions and traditional presentations will provide participants with a maximized number of take-home messages relevant to pressing challenges such as demonstrating scientific and economic value in a targeted and impactful manner, as well as developing services to bundle with medical technology to ultimately engage in integrated care. The speaker faculty, ranging from thought industry leaders and academia to HTA reviewers and Payers will once more unveil practical advice on the best approach to distinct EU markets, making this program the annual must-attend event for the industry.



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