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5th Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Development Conference

Coming together as an Industry to Discuss the Future of Sales Training by Understanding the Motivation behind Healthcare Reorganization, Exploring Diverse Training Structures, Discovering the Balance in Blended Learning & Improving the Educational Experience
March 3-4, 2014 | Nashville, TN | Co-Located Conference


Throughout the conference, distinguished industry leaders and attendees will discuss and debate the notorious topic of identifying the ROI of sales training programs. Progressive case studies complimented with interactive, scenario-based workshops will delve into timely topics of discussion such as choosing and building a more robust Learning Management System, practical blended learning platforms and implementation strategies for novel learning technologies.

Designed for medical device and diagnostic manufactures of all sizes, this two-day executive level meeting will provide participants with extensive, in-depth learning and knowledge share. Through a blended approach of case study driven presentations, high level keynote sessions as well as round table discussions complemented by multiple networking opportunities, the program will foster a sense of collaboration unlike any other event. Building upon the many successful Q1 Sales Training conferences of the past several years, this conference promises to be an enlightening and valuable program for sales training professionals.


  • Discovering the balance in blended learning
  • The future of sales training: Strong front line management
  • Improving Sales Results: Two critical conversations your team must master
  • From Microsoft to IOS: Transition techniques that work to improve your ROI
  • Case Study: Simulation training to take advantage of every selling opportunity
  • Panel discussion: Hospital perspective on medical device purchasing and supply chain
  • Round table & group discussion on exploring diverse training structures to support shifting healthcare structures

 *This Conference is Part of 3 Co-located Events at the 2014  Medical Device and Diagnostic Educational Leadership Forum - Click Here for More Information




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