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6th Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Development Conference

Addressing the Future of Sales Training Through Cost Effectively Leveraging Mobile Technologies, Strategically Approaching Customers in a Dynamic Health Environment and Recruiting Sales Champions While Uncovering the Psychology Behind Adult Learning Techniques
March 30-31, 2015 | Charlotte, NC | Co-Located Conference


In today’s healthcare landscape, medical device and diagnostic sales training has evolved into a complex venture as trainers face enhanced pressures to develop educational curriculum and training programs that remain current in a substantially transformed market. Sales training and development professionals are a vital piece in the medtech business puzzle and must develop a sales force equipped to sell in a value-based, patient-outcome oriented market. With the dramatic shift in sales operations, ranging from ACO and IDN selling models through to increased importance of mobile and social technologies, it is essential for training professionals to strive to develop fresh, innovative and adaptable programs to ensure success in a competitive healthcare landscape.

Throughout the conference, distinguished industry leaders and attendees will uncover the future of sales training through progressive case studies complimented by interactive scenario-based workshops. Timely topics of discussion will delve deep into challenges ranging from continuing education through to techniques surrounding adult learning methodologies and uncovering the trainers role in recruiting and maintaining sales champions. Designed for medical device and diagnostic manufacturers of all sizes, this two-day executive level meeting will provide participants with extensive in-depth learning and knowledge share. Through a dynamic blend of case study driven presentations, interactive workshops as well as round table discussion complimented by multiple networking opportunities, attendees will experience a sense of collaboration unlike any other event. Building upon the many successful Q1 Sales Training conferences of the past several years, this conference promises to be a fresh and enlightening program providing value to all who attend.



  • Future of sales training & development education techniques
  • Leveraging new technology & social media as training vehicles
  • Cost effectively converting training materials into new platforms
  • Unique tactics for approaching customer in a dynamic health environment
  • Continuing education to keep up with changing healthcare environment
  • ACO & IDN: Selling in a different healthcare landscape
  • Philosophy and techniques behind adult learning methodologies
  • Uncovering the sales trainer role in recruiting sales champions & leaders
  • Retaining sales leaders through deep understanding of movement throughout industry
  • Evaluating sales training techniques to ensure engaging & effective training
  • Candidly uncover surgeon and healthcare professional insight
  • Role play: Shifting mindsets of sales reps to sell with insight
  • Leveraging internal & external stakeholders to sell in a bundled environment
  • Coaching for success: Driving managers to think “we” instead of “me”
  • Prioritizing training bandwidth to do anything and not everything
  • Transfer of employee engagement & sales team excitement
  • Differentiating & separating products while proving training ROI


*This Conference is 1 of 2 Co-located Events. Click Here for More Information






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