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8th Semi-Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Development Conference

Igniting a Passion for Adult Education & Learning for Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Leadership through Leveraged Resource Allocation, Cost-Effective Integration of Blended Learning Techniques, and Enhancing Adult Learning Methodologies that will Drive Engagement and Increase Sales Results
March 14-15, 2016 | Charlotte, NC


In an evolving healthcare environment and the complex sale of medical devices continually shifting, training a sales force to properly communicate value and stand out amongst considerable competition rides heavily on the modern day sales trainer.  In order to truly maximize the sales training function, companies must not only place an emphasis upon its importance within the organization, but persistently strive to improve their own platforms. With the dramatic shift in sales operations, an increased importance on healthcare economics through to implementing mobile technologies, it is essential for training professionals to strive to enhance curriculum through fresh, innovative and adaptable programs that produce results.

Designed for medical device and diagnostic manufacturers of all sizes, this two-day executive level meeting will provide participants with extensive in-depth learning and knowledge share.  Through a dynamic blend of case study driven presentations, interactive workshops as well as round table discussion complimented by multiple networking opportunities, attendees will walk away with practical strategies that can be directly implemented within each training department.  As in years past, this conference promises to be a fresh and enlightening program providing best-in-class value to all who attend.



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