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2nd Semi-Annual Pharmaceutical Strategic Pricing Conference

Adapting To Changing Payer Expectations, New Government Regulations and the Increased Focus on Product Innovation to Develop Optimal Pricing Strategies that Ensure Greater Patient Access while Maximizing a Pharmaceutical Company’s Profitability
October 5-6, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA


With the final guidance on 340B Mega-rule and average manufacturer’s price due any time, pricing leaders are continually challenged with staying abreast of external factors that may affect pricing strategies for branded pharmaceuticals. As this industry grows to include a larger number of specialty therapies along with generic and biosimilar products, pricing executives look to better understand the impact that this innovation will have on pricing models. Balancing the expense of developing these essential products with prices that are sustainable is key as healthcare costs nationwide continue to rise due to increased innovation.

The Q1 Productions 2nd & 3rd Semi-Annual Pharmaceutical Strategic Pricing Conference brings experienced pharmaceutical pricing leaders together to discuss the challenges faced by the industry, including the growth of high cost specialty products, payer pressures for affordable treatments, impact of generic products on the market, and general understanding of pricing models that work successfully within the pharmaceutical space. Focusing exclusively on issues related to the United States healthcare market and pricing strategy, the conference provides practical solutions to widespread industry challenges that will ultimately help attendees better understand the evolving market and more effectively price products in a way that enables patient access to products while maximizing return on investment.






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