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Pharmaceutical Pricing and Contracting Conference

Understanding Implications of the Affordable Care Act & Evolving Regulations Impacting Pharmaceutical Pricing, Outcomes Based Contracting Methods, and Innovative Pricing Strategies to Maximize Manufacturer Profitability and Streamline Product Accessibility
September 22-23, 2014 | Philadelphia, PA


Developing a competitive pricing strategy for vital pharmaceutical products is a complicated process, particularly in the rapidly changing US market. Since 2010, the Affordable Care Act has changed the landscape by implementing new policies for patient access, Medicare discounts, Accountable Care Organizations, and increased accessibility to health insurance. Thorough understanding of these new policies and of pricing benchmarks will aid pricing executives to develop strategies that allow for continued access to vital therapies while maintaining budgets for advanced research and development for innovative therapies.

The Q1 Productions Pharmaceutical Pricing & Contracting Conference is a unique conference that will bring together experienced pharmaceutical pricing leaders to discuss the challenges faced by the industry, including the upcoming 340B guidance, payer pressures for affordable treatments, impact of Accountable Care Organizations and patent expirations on pricing strategies and price benchmarking for specialty drugs and biologics. This program will focus exclusively on issues related to the United States healthcare market and pricing strategy, providing practical solutions to widespread industry challenges that will ultimately help attendees better understand the evolving market and more effectively price products in a way that will help maintain organizational stability and growth.



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