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2015 Semi-Annual Medical Device Strategic Pricing Conference

Driving Revenue and Profitability through Delivering on Product Value Outside of Price in Strategic Negotiations with Healthcare Institution Decision Makers, while Understanding the Impact of Evolving Payment Models and Healthcare Reforms Affecting Pricing on a Global Scale
September 14-15, 2015 | Atlanta, GA


Medical device corporations throughout the US are addressing increasingly difficult conversations with customers related to the price and value of medical technologies, as hospitals and healthcare professionals look to obtain the highest possible value from medical products at the lowest possible price. This dynamic shift in priorities and the need to continually drive down prices has resulted in medical device firms adopting advanced strategies for combating price erosion, including the delivery of sophisticated value propositions, enhanced negotiation strategies as well as communicating throughout the organization the need to balance securing revenue while maintaining profitability. In the third annual installment of the Q1 Medical Device Strategic Pricing conference, attendees will continue to gather in order to discuss and debate the many challenges faced, as well as hear from leading healthcare institutions on top priorities, value points as well as strategies for creating mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to improved healthcare delivery.

Core areas for discussion will include an analysis of trends in healthcare delivery with a continued focus on demonstrating the value of medical technologies outside of price points, as well as trends in reimbursement and healthcare reforms which have caused a follow-on impact on medical device pricing. Forward thinking approaches for medical device pricing in order to drive revenue and customer base growth will include strategic partnerships with sales and marketing, as well as greater involvement between pricing executives and hospital c-suite decision makers to secure the highest possible price. Competitive intelligence through monitoring of both category prices as well as variable geographic pricing will also be discussed, alongside global considerations in list-based pricing pressures and strategies for working with national health systems abroad. Throughout the meeting, executives will have opportunities to engage with manufacturers of a wide variety of medical products, as well as thought leaders from healthcare institutions, in order to gain the maximum value from attendance.

Can’t make these dates? Check out our upcoming 2015 Semi-Annual Medical Device Strategic Pricing Conference on November 2-3, 2015 in San Diego, CA.

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