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2nd Annual Medical Device Strategic Pricing Conference

Exhibiting Economic Value of New & Existing Medical Technologies that Get Beyond Product Commoditization, Meet Revenue Goals and Focus on Additional Opportunities that Enhance a Sustainable Pricing Strategy
September 15-16, 2014 | Atlanta, GA


Throughout the medical device industry, corporations are facing an uphill battle when working to both establish prices for medical technologies as well as maintain these prices in an environment where cost-savings are being demanded at every level. As healthcare professionals, hospitals and health systems continue to demand unilateral price reductions, medical device manufacturers are working to exhibit the economic value and benefit of products, as well as communicate these value propositions in an effective and convincing manner. The development of a unique and comprehensive pricing strategy for new and existing products is a first step in overcoming pricing hurdles, and bringing together clinical research, health economic, as well as sales and marketing executives to the table will allow for a thorough and well supported pricing structure.

The 2nd Annual Medical Device Strategic Pricing conference will build upon the success of the 2013 conference program, where over 100 pricing executives gathered to discuss and debate communal challenges as well as potential strategies for success. Presenters will provide hands-on strategies for building and communicating the value of medical technology, as well as provide insights into successful strategies used in developing pricing structures that can be maintained by sales and marketing staff. Throughout the program, various perspectives from across the industry will provide insight and knowledge, highlighting the various angles and stakeholders involved in medical device pricing.

As with all Q1 conference programs, the focus of the event will be not only academic and educational, but also thought provoking, with practical examples and information that can be immediately implemented at corporate offices to make a difference. The challenge of reducing healthcare expenditure is not one that will soon fade into the background, and as such, having a sustainable pricing strategy in place is of the utmost importance for medical device manufacturers looking for long-term success and growth.



Steve Pierson | Senior Director of Pricing | Phillips Healthcare

Marc Burton | Co-Founder & Vice President | Holden Advisors

Julie Meehan | Principal, Pricing, & Profitability Management | Deloitte

Amy Doby | Senior Director, Strategic Pricing | Wright Medical Technology

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