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6th Annual Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Forum

Advancing Manufacturing Operations in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Organizations through Streamlines Procedures, Enhanced Validations & Quality Assurance across the Manufacturing Processes, and Compliant Practices that Meet Evolving Regulatory Requirements on National & Global Level
October 9-10, 2014 | New Orleans, LA


Throughout the Pharmaceutical & Medical Device industries, corporations are continually looking to manufacturing operations as an area for cost-savings and reductions, while achieving the highest possible levels of quality assurance and regulatory compliance. In an era where products across the life science industry are becoming increasingly complex and require highly sophisticated manufacturing processes, the pressure faced by manufacturing teams is immense. Building upon the annual successes of the Q1 Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Manufacturing and Quality Assurance forums the 6th annual program will bring together executives from throughout the industry to discuss the key challenges faced by manufacturers, and to explore innovative strategies and solutions for addressing the increasing difficulties faced by this dynamic industry.

From topics such as exploring investment decisions regarding manufacturing technologies, quality consideration for biologics production through to human error reductions this forum provides a tremendous opportunity for industry to come together and discuss the critical challenges they currently face. The upcoming forum will provide multiple tracked sessions so as to allow attendees the utmost learning opportunities and customization of program content, with tracks focused on industry specific issues faced by manufacturing and quality assurance executives within the pharmaceutical and device industries.



  • Implementation of enhanced serialization and tracking requirements in pharma and device
  • Understanding detailed changes in international manufacturing regulatory requirements
  • Finding and delivering on opportunities in manufacturing in developing markets
  • Optimization of packaging and labeling operations including enhanced sterilization options
  • Best practices in working with suppliers and supplier quality assurance across the industry


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