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5th Annual European Medical Device & Diagnostic Reimbursement & Market Access Conference

Overcoming Challenges in Accessing European Markets with Innovative Products, Enhancing Evidence and Data Generation, while Identifying New Ways to Access Additional Funds to Increase Overall Revenues
February 3-4, 2014 | Offenbach, Germany


As health authorities across Europe continue to cut budgets and work to reduce spending on healthcare, medical device and diagnostic manufacturers must develop concise and effective methods for communicating product value in order to ensure continued funding and support of new and existing product lines. Over the course of the past five years, Q1 productions has developed a highly engaging series of medical device and diagnostic reimbursement and market access programs in Europe, attended by hundreds of executives looking for an opportunity to share knowledge and learn best practices from leaders in the industry. With healthcare payers throughout the continent continuing to reduce spending, and evaluating purchases with tremendous rigor, both device and diagnostic manufacturers have found a need to re-analyze their market access strategies, focusing on providing more in-depth economic data to support funding. Taking into account this shift in priority, the 5th Annual Device & Diagnostic Reimbursement & Market Access conference will provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss and debate the changes taking place across Europe,and how as an industry they can come together to overcome funding and access hurdles to ultimately bring new products and technologies to the market.

Bringing together both device & diagnostic firms for the program as well as health authorities, health technology assessors and legal executives, the 2014 conference program will provide participants with a wide range of educational opportunities, with sessions both inclusive of the entire audience as well as tracked sessions highlighting the challenges specific to device and diagnostic products. Through combined learning opportunities as well as sessions delving into industry-specific hurdles, reimbursement executives will have an opportunity to engage with the leaders in this industry and will walk away with tangible solutions to implement in order to gain access in this rapidly evolving marketplace. Through a speaker panel incorporating all of the stakeholders throughout the industry, this program will be the annual must attend event that the industry has come to expect.


  • Practical tips from device and diagnostic peers on evidence generation, innovation market access
  • Clarification of continued European healthcare reforms
  • Perspectives and insight from Italian, Danish and Dutch national healthcare boards
  • Italian Medicines Agency clarifying requirements for reimbursement & market access in Italy
  • Upcoming patient centered healthcare impact on the industry
  • Evidence Value proposition and health authority requirements explained
  • Practical information on new interlocutors to target for reimbursement and extra revenue
  • Maximize return on investment for innovative medical products in Europe
  • Optimize market access for innovative medical products in Europe
  • Negotiating rates for state of the art medical technology

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