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2nd Annual Medical Device Packaging: Innovations in Design and Testing Conference

Optimizing Medical Device Package Design through Incorporating End User Feedback, Leveraging Legacy Testing Studies & Identifying Innovative Materials, while Maintaining Validation & Verification Standards through Examining Test Methods to Satisfy Global Regulatory Expectations
April 30-May 1, 2015 | Arlington, VA


Across the medical Device industry, the role of device packaging professionals has evolved tremendously over the past several years. Packaging have transitioned from smaller, inefficient, and ill-equipped systems, toward a more globalized and complex network, involving several components necessary for proper function. The Medical Device Packaging Conference will bring together professionals responsible for device packaging logistics, quality, and regulatory compliance to share high-level case studies and relevant regulatory updates.

A key topic of interest for this year’s program will center on sterilization, providing attendees with the perspectives of industry executives as they talk over the trends they are following, what the future landscape for the industry could hold, and their experience with sterilization and sustainability as the industry continues to evolve. Another area of focus will be on emphasizing UDI updates from well known regulatory representation, to improve industry compliance and performance. Expert communication from senior level professionals will share strategies on building more cohesive networks, maximizing training and industry standards, as well as increase package testing validation.

Over the course of the two day meeting, additional high-level topics to be addressed include how to select a appropriate sample size for validation testing of sterile barrier systems & protective packaging, maintaining the quality and integrity of products over the shelf life, and addressing medical device packaging process development and manufacturing integration. By fostering a sense of collaboration and information share, this educational conference will help in designing, manufacturing, and validating medical device packaging, ensuring all partners can see the full picture and help them plan ahead more accurately and cost-effectively.

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