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Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Forum

Transforming Patient Care and Satisfaction, Focusing on Quality and Process Improvement through Innovative Physician Engagement and Alignment, Successful Implementation of Healthcare IT to Achieve Increasingly Challenging Financial and Operational Goals
April 13-14, 2015 | Alexandria, VA


As the healthcare system within the United States has turned a closer eye on the quality and cost of service delivery, Chief Medical Officers throughout the nation have been pulled onto the executive team in order to create a bridge between clinical and administrative staff. Concerned with improving patient safety, care, and quality, as well as balancing concerns of cost-effectiveness and healthcare administration, these executives play a crucial role in the overall delivery of healthcare within hospitals and healthcare systems throughout the country. Newly implemented healthcare reform, changing payment models and evolving continuums of care are all colliding, and the resulting impact requires immediate oversight from executive medical staff. The Q1 Productions Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Forum will provide executive medical officers from throughout the country an opportunity to discuss and debate this evolving environment, as well we examine success stories from leading institutions so as to gain insights and knowledge on improving the delivery of care while meeting quality and economic goals.

Executives will have opportunities to attend and engage in keynote presentations, case studies and highly targeted small group discussions, all aimed at the most critical topics and solutions required in today’s environment. Pre-scheduled networking meetings between solution providing organizations and the delegation will be executed based on preferences of both delegates as well as solution consultants, ensuring a high opportunity for business development and applicability for all participants.


  • Physician Engagement
  • Healthcare IT
  • Hospital/Healthcare System Staffing Models
  • Transitioning from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based
  • Quality & Process Improvements


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