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Past Forum: 7th Annual Life Science CEO Forum

Overcoming Increased Regulatory & Financial Pressures through the Development of an Innovative R&D Ecosystem that Accelerates Product Development and M&A Opportunities, & Drives Product Value in Payer Negotiations, Delivering on Customer Needs and Interactions
January 25-26, 2016 | Atlanta, GA


Chief Executive Officers throughout the life sciences industry are constantly working to match the fast pace of this highly competitive and evolving industry sector. In a time where business plans need to constantly flex in response to healthcare policy and regulatory reforms, maintaining a competitive edge is critical to sustaining and growing market share. In response to the many challenges faced by leadership teams across the industry, the Q1 Productions 7th Annual Life Science Chief Executive Officer Forum will continue to provide executives with a platform for education, discussion and debate surrounding the progression of the life science industry, as well as strategies for maintaining a competitive advantage.

Keynote presentations will track the evolution of the industry over the past decade as well as provide projections and insights into future growth and development across a wide range of therapeutic areas, providing participants with strategic information needed as portfolios continue to advance and evolve. Additional presentations will focus on topics including healthcare policy and regulatory reforms, economic models impacting the industry, as well as sessions on recent M&A and opportunities in unique and beneficial partnership structures. Round-table presentations will allow for in-depth interaction with industry peers, where discussions will delve into participant-directed topics of immediate concern.


  • Forecasting future trends and the evolution of leadership within the lifescience industry
  • Anticipating the continued impact of healthcare reform on sales & product commercialization
  • Pathways across the life science industry to sustain innovation & profitability
  • Strategic review processes: Aligning corporate vision with business goals
  • Evaluation of product candidates based on financial dynamics and market trends
  • CEO perspectives on streamlining operations while balancing cost against product quality
  • Achieving product excellence in an increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Global growth opportunities & challenges in securing profitability beyond mature markets
  • Creative opportunities in partnerships and business development activities
  • Managing corporate growth: Finding & securing the appropriate talent



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