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5th Annual Pharmaceutical Reimbursement and Market Access Conference

Thriving in an Ever-Evolving Healthcare Landscape by Effectively Addressing the Impact of State-Run Health Insurance Exchanges, ACOs and Medicaid Expansion while Creating Compelling Value Propositions to Influence Reimbursement Decisions
September 16-17, 2013 | Alexandria, VA


The Pharmaceutical industry continues to face increasing pressure from a variety of stakeholders, including patients, physicians, public and private payers and the federal government. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act exemplifies the national perception that pharmaceutical companies must lower the costs of therapies in order to decrease the burden on patients. This sentiment creates additional challenges for reimbursement and market access executives as manufacturers attempt to effectively present the value their products bring in advancing the healthcare landscape.

Q1’s Fifth Annual Pharmaceutical Reimbursement and Market Access Conference will address the complexities the industry is currently facing as the healthcare delivery model continues to evolve. A major challenge at the forefront for reimbursement and market access teams is the vast impact state-run healthcare exchanges will have on a drug’s market access. As states will have the power to select or deny payer and health plan participation, pharmaceutical executives are concerned this will have a profound negative effect on the ability to reach a desired patient market. Additionally, companies are developing strategies to work closely with and gain insight from Accountable Care Organizations as manufacturers create compelling value propositions. As the healthcare environment continues to change at a rapid pace, pharmaceutical companies must understand the short term and long-term effects on reimbursement and access strategy, and this year’s conference agenda will certainly provide attendees with valuable insight to remain competitive in this current cost-conscious environment.



Transform reimbursement and access strategies to thrive in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape
Gain insight on how leading pharma companies are combatting challenges brought on by:

  • Health Insurance Exchanges
  • ACOs
  • Medicaid Expansion

Hear perspectives from a variety of stakeholders including Private Payers and ACOs
Other topics to include:

  • Creating a Compelling Value Story Despite Generic Competition
  • Determining Industry’s Response to Growing Trend of Cost-Shifting to Patients
  • Implementing Strategies for Specialty Pharmaceutical Management


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