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Strategies for Maximizing the Impact of Sales & Marketing Teams in Conveying the Clinical & Economic Value of New & Existing Therapies in an Ever-Changing & Consolidated Environment


Over the course of the past several years, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have undergone a tremendous shift in the strategies and methods used to market and sell their therapeutics. Enormous sales teams canvassing every doctors’ office in America is no longer a viable sales and marketing strategy, with many physicians taking steps to reduce or in some cases eliminate the time spent meeting with representatives from industry. The resulting cuts in sales force numbers has perhaps forever changed the way in which these types of products will be marketing, causing the industry to take a step back and re-evaluate their forward plans.

The Commercial Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Conference will bring together thought leaders from throughout the industry who hold prominent roles in sales and marketing in order to discuss and debate the best strategies for moving forward in an evolving marketplace. Keynote presentations will focus on high-level strategies, setting the groundwork for the conference program. Case studies will highlight innovative programs that organizations have put into place which are seeing results in establishing better connections with patients, healthcare providers and other stakeholders. Panel discussions and breakout sessions will allow for both formal and informal dialogue between presenters and attendees, ensuring all participants have their questions answered.



  • Keynote: The Past, Present & Future of the Sales and Marketing Business Model
  • Overcoming the Challenges of a Shrinking Pharmaceutical Sales Force
  • Implementing a Specialized Sales Force: Key Account Management (KAM)
  • Analyzing the Implementation of Accountable Care Organizations & Understanding Strategies of Optimally Working Together
  • Enhanced Capability Development & Strategic Approaches to Optimize the Sales Rep of the Future
  • Adapting To Change: The Patient-Centric Marketing Business Model
  • Opportunities Seen Within E-Communication & Social Media
  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Growth & Importance of Specialty Drugs
  • Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Strategies for Efficiently Engaging Access to Physicians
  • Roundtable: Sharing Perspectives on Capturing Customer and Physician Attention
  • Discussing Sales Rep’s Ability to Provide Economic Value of a Product
  • Optimally Working With Shrinking Budgets
  • Workshop: Effectively Working Under New Requirements of Regulations, Codes & Guidelines
  • Ensuring Regulatory and Compliance Expectations Are Met


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