8th Annual Life Science Chief Executive Officer Forum

March 23–24, 2017 | San Diego, CA

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Delivering Sustainable Corporate & Shareholder Growth through Value-Based Product Innovation, Strategic Joint Alliances and Inspiring Leadership to Overcome Regulatory & Reimbursement Challenges Securing Revenue Progression


CEOs and Executive Leadership throughout the Life Sciences industry are optimistic about the future growth, development, and opportunities that exist within the industry, as innovative, breakthrough therapies and technologies continue to revolutionize treatment and patient care, improving and saving lives. At the heart of the continued growth and success of any corporation is the CEO, providing the leadership and direction required to motivate and propel employees and businesses forward, satisfying investors, increasing the reputation of both the corporation and the industry. Integrating new technologies that allow for greater visibility across the organization, from R&D to financial operations, as well as business strategies including strategic alliances throughout the lifecycle of products is enabling CEOs to lead organizations with confidence into new markets, expanded portfolios, and continued growth.

The 8th Annual Q1 Life Science CEO Forum will gather executive leadership from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic corporations to discuss not only the positive future of the industry, but also the challenges faced in continued regulatory demands, pricing and reimbursement challenges as well as concerns surrounding market and political volatility. Participants will represent CEOs and Therapeutic Leadership from established organizations with commercial products and revenue, and a minimum number of employees to ensure a balanced level for education, engagement, and knowledge share focused on mutual challenges and opportunities. As with all Q1 programs, presenters will represent a variety of industry stakeholders, from serial entrepreneurs driving innovation to regulatory and market access authorities ensuring patients and physicians have access to the most appropriate therapies.


Participants in the 8th Annual Life Science CEO Forum will represent pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device & diagnostic corporations. Attendees will represent corporations with commercial, revenue-generating products, with a minimum of $20 million in annual revenue. This will include well-established organizations alongside newer entries into the market, with a minimum of 100 employees in the enterprise. Participant job titles will include:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Founders & Co-Founders
  • Presidents & Chairmen
  • Country or Regional Heads


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